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Saturday, September 19

Month: December 2017


Dark | Netflix Original | Spine-tingling, gripping and one of the best takes on Time Warp.

If Netflix ever were a Football Club, they would easily annihilate every single one of their opponents and would owe that all to their ridiculously good scouting network. The gems they unearth and produce around the globe is truly awe inspiring. It was only logical that I followed up Bright with Dark. ;) Dark , for me, is the best ever mystery series to deal with time warp and the paranormal/supernatural. It obviously has to be if you end up binge-watching a series till 6 in the morning. Yet, the Season conclusion left me with more questions than answers (I hate it when the makers do that). We would have probably paused a hundred times in between all that to discuss and digest what we had just seen. Blink and you miss something significant. The series begins with the Einstein quote ...

Bright | Netflix | An awesome idea, decently executed and opens up the avenue for a future franchise.

Will Smith & Joel Edgerton star in this modern day adaptation of a world where Orcs, Elves, Humans and fairies all live together. Each fighting their own demons and at the same time despising the other kinds to extreme ends. To add to the mix, there is a bit of magic and a possibility of a big bad monster as well.  Netflix must keep on experimenting and spending money and resources on stuff like these. The makers did a better job with Bright  when compared to Suicide Squad  and it was certainly on par with End of Watch. Will Smith stars as LAPD Officer Daryl Ward , who is back in duty after being shot by an Orc while his partner and first ever Orc to be part of the LAPD force Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton) was with him. Like almost all other mystical worlds this story too surrounds...

The Indian Detective | Netflix | Russell Peters should stick to stand up alone.

  I had reasonable hopes on this one since the trailer came out a few weeks ago but I was so disappointed with the end result that i rue the 3 odd hours that i spent watching this mini series. The series offered nothing in terms of comedy, action or for that matter any form of entertainment. Russell Peters stars as a Canadian police constable Class IV who gets suspended while performing a drug bust which goes terrible wrong due to a unreliable witness. This and the lack of reciprocation of affection from his fellow officer Christina Cole , leads him to fly back to Mumbai to meet his father Anupam Kher , who was hospitalized. From there Doug D'Mello (Russel Peters) get entangled with the business of a lawyer played by Mishqah Parthiephal and the chase is on to catch a drug ki...
EPL: My Two Cents

United at Hawthorns

United had it too easy in the first half and for a neutral this match would have been as boring as it gets. I do not know what's with Lukaku and his celebration of no-celebration. Gets to the nerve when you are happy watching your team score and then watch the joy getting killed by the way your team celebrates the goal. I do not know what Rojo brings into this team. He is ridiculous every single time he plays for us. Pogba should be back next week and hopefully that would revive the team a bit. This week like almost all other weeks this season has been about City and they way they play. Honestly the City game much more fun to watch.

Glitch Season 2 | Netflix Original | Almost as good as the first season.

Ever since stumbling upon Glitch a year ago I had been waiting for Season 2 so eagerly and in fact this was a Netflix original that I was looking forward to, a lot more when compared to Stranger Things.  The Aussies do know how to make an engaging paranormal series. Glitch is about a small town policeman James Hayes , who is called to a local cemetery in the middle of the night where six people who had died, spread across centuries, comes back to life in perfect health and with no memory of their identities. A local doctor Elishia McKellar , who is called to the scene helps them out and as it turns out one of the 'risen' ones is the coppers wife Kate Willis who had died a few years ago. From there the story unfolds with the mysteries surrounding the 'risen' ones on how they lived th...