Thursday, May 28

Month: April 2018


Money Heist | La casa de papel | Netflix | A classic thriller with more oomph than dud moments.

Money Heist came in as a highly recommended series , by many of my friends and it did not disappoint. Its an 'almost masterpiece' which at times failed to keep up with the dizzying plot build up that it had over the first few episodes. It's about a group of robbers spearheaded by the meticulous mastermind 'El Profesor' (Álvaro Morte) who plans to rob the 'The Royal Mint' by printing 2.4 billion Euros and thereby accomplishing the biggest heist ever ! Like most of the heist stories of our times, the group is carefully assembled together from scratch by the brain of the whole operation and here its the Professor. He teaches and prepares the team of robbers for 6 months so that they can pull off the perfect heist and go by their chosen city names. Thus, the calm and composed  Berlín (P...

Lost in Space Review | Netflix’s first authentic foray into Disney territory.

Lost in Space , is not your regular Sci-fi, supernatural Netflix Original. It's more of a family friendly, time-pass, high-production-value, yet flawed series which makes you feel that somebody made it for Disney and ended up showing it in Netflix. Its a reboot of the 1998 namesake starring, Gary Oldman and honestly this one didn't fare much better. Set 30 years into the future, the Earth is now uninhabitable. The story-line follows the Robinsons who are part of a colonization expedition which crash lands on an alien planet and follows this family of five in their fight for survival and getting back on course to the real destination. There are a few other characters as well, since they had to stretch it to 10 episodes worth of material.  Parker Posey as Dr Smith, plays the villain a...

Lilyhammer | Netflix Original | As Good as a Comedy-Crime Drama could get !

Lilyhammer is a fabulous binge-worthy comedy/crime series that popped up in my Netflix feed out of the blue. It starts with the New York mobster and second-in-command,   Frank Tagliano (Steven Van Zandt) getting in line of the cross-hair, when the chief dies and the brother takes over the Mafia. Frank's dog gets killed and he escapes by the skin of his teeth and before going all John Wick on the perpetrators he decides to do the sensible thing and turn States witness. In return he gets to choose any new identity anywhere in the world. However, he chose to go to Lilyhammer, Norway, as he loved the place when he saw the 94 Winter Olympics on TV and thus begins the adventure.  Lilyhammer is more of a Norwegian production than an American one and it turns out to be a dark comedy version...