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Goals galore and an expected result

September 30, 2017 J 0

Crystal Palace at Old Trafford, Sept 30, 2017 As routine a United performance as you would ever see against a club which now holds the record for the most number of minutes in the start of a season without scoring a goal. Things are not going to get any better […Click here to read more]

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The Five, definitely binge worthy !

September 25, 2017 J 0

Netflix continues to spoil fans of mystery drama with more of the same awesomeness that we saw in  some of the Netflix originals like Stranger Things, Glitch, HOC, Black Mirror, Sense 8, Ozark et all albeit this time with a hit British series, The Five. Without going into the spoilers, […Click here to read more]

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Gritty United hold on !

September 23, 2017 J 0

United @ St Mary’s These are the sort of performances which would count in the end when the season meanders into end zone. There were times when United did exactly the same thing that Mou accused our opponents off this season. It was the 10 men behind the ball which […Click here to read more]

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The wall at Liberty breached !

August 19, 2017 J 0

United @ Swansea, August 19th, 2 Cents. Everything was just like old times, United were up against an inspired team, who to their credit pulled up their socks and got on with their business just hours after selling off their main man to a record transfer. The high pressing with […Click here to read more]

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West Hammered ! United off to a flyer !

August 13, 2017 J 0

Manchester United 4 vs 0 West Ham, Aug 13th, 2 Cents: The urgency, the flair and the dominance has sneaked a peek for the first time in so many years. United dominated with the performance of the weekend. Mikki, Matic, Pogba and Rashford were there closing down every time WestHam got a […Click here to read more]

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United v Chelsea Apr16,2017

April 17, 2017 J 0

[United fan writing from a United Perspective] Outplayed and outsmarted the champions-elect through every blade of grass at OT. Liverpool away, Tottenham home, Arsenal home and now Chelsea home. One player proved that he is more of a big match player than anybody else. Ander Herrera is quietly becoming Mr […Click here to read more]