What’s in a Name ?

November 6, 2015 shalady 0

As a rule, a bunch of colleagues head out for lunch on every Friday. We try out different restaurants in the area. There is this one restaurant that most of us love and pretty much have our ‘Usual’ defined. Today, we had been to this restaurant. I asked for my favorite […Click here to read more]

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English We-nglish

October 28, 2015 shalady 0

Before coming to the USA, I had always been prepared to face difficulties related to accents. As difficult as it is for me as an Asian-Indian, to understand other foreign accents, it is equally difficult for the others to understand the distinct Indian Accent. But more than the accents, I […Click here to read more]

The Full Circle

July 13, 2015 shalady 0

For the uninitiated, the Hierarchy at the IT Office where I work is as follows: Software Developer Reports to the Business Analyst who reports to the Project Manager who takes inputs from the Data Architect, who in turn, may at times consult the Solution Architect. Software Developer to Business Analyst: […Click here to read more]