Vanguard Stock Market Index Fund Experiment

July 19, 2018 shalady 3

Does VTSMX\VTSAX really work? I am a millennial who has heard enough stories about those burned by stock markets. Over the past couple of decades, I have developed a fear (bordering Paranoia) about stock market investing. In early 2017, I discovered Mr. Money Mustache and the online FIRE (Financial Independence […Click here to read more]

Keeping up with Dog Expenses

July 17, 2018 shalady 0

How much Money does it take to keep a dog? I have been asked this question multiple times since we got our dog. I figured, it is easier to list it here and reference this when the question comes my way again. Below are most of our dog related expenses. […Click here to read more]

A Hairy Tale Indeed

November 8, 2017 shalady 5

I am not a vain woman but I do have some weird tendencies that might make me seem like one. I would never share this story were it not for a friend who said that the trait is not unique to me and his wife possesses a similar tendency. With […Click here to read more]

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Requirements Gone Wrong!

October 25, 2017 shalady 0

As an IT Consultant, getting and giving the right requirements mean the difference between success and failure. This is one example where my requirements weren’t as specific as I had hoped it would be. Growing up in India with my big family, cricket was a religion. It was sacred. When […Click here to read more]

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HJ’s weekend

June 27, 2017 shalady 0

Written By: Harinee Jibeesh Written: 05/30/2017 My weekend was fun because I went bowling, went to the playground , played with my friends, watched a movie- Parent Trap. It was fun. There was a baby in the home that I watched it in.My parents friends had come to visit us […Click here to read more]