5 Must Do things before one dies!

March 27, 2017 shalady 0

You will never guess what the top 5 to-do things are before one dies. This list does not include scuba diving with sharks or bungee jumping in New Zealand. This is not an emotional or a traditional bucketlist that follows the path of enjoyment and must-have life experiences. Unless you are all […Click here to read more]

Where is my Money??

March 24, 2017 shalady 2

Where is our money going? Between my husband and I, we are spending over 3000$ a month. We don’t have any expensive hobbies or habits. We don’t eat out more than twice a week (the month is question is an exception). We pack our lunch every day. We do not […Click here to read more]

Should I save Money?

March 22, 2017 shalady 4

Honestly, I do not know but I do it anyway. Why? Because of the too many articles that I have been reading about what happens during retirement when health expenses rise exponentially and income is almost negligent. There are too many ‘what-ifs’ that are driving me to save money for […Click here to read more]

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Hungry for Etiquette

March 20, 2017 shalady 1

This past Friday, a friend and I volunteered\participated in a Shuttle Badminton Tournament. We expected the event to go on until around 5-6 pm in the evening. However due to many participants, it ended much later in the evening than we expected. We had our lunch at around 12:30 pm in […Click here to read more]

A Little Bit of Magic

June 9, 2015 shalady 0

I had been to Broadway-Cochin. It is a street famous for shopping. It is said that if you are shopping and you find yourself on sale at one of the shops then you are at Broadway-Cochin. I wandered into a shop selling all sorts of plants. I was looking for […Click here to read more]

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Outsmarted by the Parents

June 9, 2015 shalady 2

You all might have heard the Russel Peters joke where he threatens to call the child services and his dad gets better of him. Well, I have my version of it. This happened when I was 11 years old. I heard a friend describe how she gets her mom to […Click here to read more]

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Erasing my steps

June 9, 2015 shalady 0

I walked on the beach…the shores washing my feet… I walked a mile, along the shore… The path that I walked, I wanted everyone to see…. My head held high, my footprints so deep… I thought let me retrace, my achievements of the hour… I turn around.. Alas!! The waves […Click here to read more]