Thursday, May 28

Beauty and the Beast – 3/5

**No Spoilers in this post. I wonder what spoiler you are looking for in a story that we all grew up reading about!

My 7 yr old niece’s reaction my rating for this movie – ‘ You will not get it. You are a grown up. I loved the movie’

This movie is not worth a theater visit. I would suggest folks to wait for the rental. There are a few small things that make or break a movie. In this movie, the small things were enough to break it for me. My reasons are simple.

The Good

  1. The Beast’s Expressions and dialogues – I loved the way the emotions were displayed on the beast’s face. The dialogues were well written. I could feel his emotions – the pain, the hopelessness, the weariness and hope and in the end- love, all through the beautiful expressions.
  2. Gaston and Lefou – They carry the weight of the movie on their shoulders. It was a pleasure to see them interact.
  3. The music – It was a bit irritating to see that the music type kept changing throughout the scenes. Nevertheless, it was an amazing musical treat.
  4. The Dance – This is one scene that I wish did not end. I could have taken at least 5 more minutes of this. The one perfect scene ended a little too soon.

The Bad

  1. Emma Watson – could have done better. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Emma Watson Fan. But for the life of me, I could not relate to her character\acting in the movie. I found that she could not match the beast’s expressions.
  2. The Curse – This scene could have been something amazing (remember Maleficent?) instead the angel looked tired and haggard even when she was supposed to look beautiful.
  3. The lack of screen time between the beauty and the beast. They hardly had any screen time together. The back stories and the inanimate objects took most of the screen time.

So, long story short. If I were you, I would wait for a few months to watch it on the television. Disney movies have a charm about them. They take you to fantasy land and you get to forget everything else till the movie ends. This movie did not do that for me.

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