Bright | Netflix | An awesome idea, decently executed and opens up the avenue for a future franchise.

Will Smith & Joel Edgerton star in this modern day adaptation of a world where Orcs, Elves, Humans and fairies all live together. Each fighting their own demons and at the same time despising the other kinds to extreme ends. To add to the mix, there is a bit of magic and a possibility of a big bad monster as well.  Netflix must keep on experimenting and spending money and resources on stuff like these. The makers did a better job with Bright  when compared to Suicide Squad  and it was certainly on par with End of Watch.

Will Smith stars as LAPD Officer Daryl Ward , who is back in duty after being shot by an Orc while his partner and first ever Orc to be part of the LAPD force Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton) was with him. Like almost all other mystical worlds this story too surrounds a prophesy where a rogue Elf (Leilah) who is part of the Inferni, tries to get her hands on three magic wands that would resurrect the dark lord. There are references to a war fought 2000 years ago where the Elves and Humans fought side by side against the Dark Lord who had the Orcs on his side (that sort of explains why the different races hate each other). Without going too much into the story, the movie is about the two officers and their fight to protect an Elf – Tikka (Lucy Fry) and the wand (the power of which is  infinite) she wields which the Inferni and the rest of the evil world wants. The wand however can be wielded only by the Bright – those who would not be burned to ash upon holding the wand.  

The movie scores well on comedy, action and theme. There are a few confusing elements which I think would probably be explained in the future parts of the franchise (one can always hope). Will Smith as always is super with his comic timing and some of the dialogues although thrown in during intense scenes would have you in splits of laughter. Reminded me of the good old days of MIB and Wild Wild West.  I think the critics who had slammed this movie prior to its release got it wrong big time. Its not without its fair share of flaws but I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to all Netflix fans (I think that should be a thing already) and the fans of mystical fiction. 

3.5/5 from me.

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