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A Pound of Flesh for Refinance

March 31, 2017 shalady 1

It was a couple of years since I had bought my house. The interest rates had dipped since I had taken the Mortgage. This was a perfect time to utilize refinancing options. Luckily, one my close friends is a lender. I discussed my options with her and agreed upon a […Click here to read more]

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Hungry for Etiquette

March 20, 2017 shalady 1

This past Friday, a friend and I volunteered\participated in a Shuttle Badminton Tournament. We expected the event to go on until around 5-6 pm in the evening. However due to many participants, it endedĀ much later in the evening than we expected. We had our lunch at around 12:30 pm in […Click here to read more]

What’s in a Name ?

November 6, 2015 shalady 0

As a rule, a bunch of colleagues head out for lunch on every Friday. We try out different restaurants in the area. There is this one restaurant that most of us love and pretty much have our ‘Usual’ defined. Today, we had been to this restaurant. IĀ asked for my favorite […Click here to read more]

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English We-nglish

October 28, 2015 shalady 0

Before coming to the USA, I had always been prepared to face difficulties related to accents. As difficult as it is for me as an Asian-Indian, to understand other foreign accents, it is equally difficult for the others to understand the distinct Indian Accent. But more than the accents, I […Click here to read more]

The Full Circle

July 13, 2015 shalady 0

For the uninitiated, the Hierarchy at the IT Office where I work is as follows: Software Developer Reports to the Business Analyst who reports to the Project Manager who takes inputs from the Data Architect, who in turn, may at times consult the Solution Architect. Software Developer to Business Analyst: […Click here to read more]

A Little Bit of Magic

June 9, 2015 shalady 0

I had been to Broadway-Cochin. It is a street famous for shopping. It is said that if you are shopping and you find yourself on sale at one of the shops then you are at Broadway-Cochin. I wandered into a shop selling all sorts of plants. I was looking for […Click here to read more]

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Outsmarted by the Parents

June 9, 2015 shalady 2

You all might have heard the Russel Peters joke where he threatens to call the child services and his dad gets better of him. Well, I have my version of it. This happened when I was 11 years old. I heard a friend describe how she gets her mom to […Click here to read more]

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Bigger the better

June 9, 2015 shalady 0

*May contain offensive content She: It is huge. He : I know its big.. But I want you to take it. I know that you will manage fine. She: But its too big… He: ha ha.. size always matters baby.. bigger, the better… Just take it.. She: Are you sure […Click here to read more]

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Remember when

June 9, 2015 shalady 0

Do you remember how close you were holding me when we entered the house together for the first time? It took me a while in the hall before I could move to your bedroom. You were so loving and caring that you even took care of my cleanliness and hygiene […Click here to read more]

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Late Indeed

May 12, 2015 shalady 0

Lunch Hour at the Food Court. As usual, we were busy with the day’s chatter. Halfway through a friend got up to get a glass of water. And it was at that exact minute that I recollected that he had asked me to remind him about a meeting. I called […Click here to read more]