Glitch Season 2 | Netflix Original | Almost as good as the first season.

Ever since stumbling upon Glitch a year ago I had been waiting for Season 2 so eagerly and in fact this was a Netflix original that I was looking forward to, a lot more when compared to Stranger Things.  The Aussies do know how to make an engaging paranormal series.

Glitch is about a small town policeman James Hayes , who is called to a local cemetery in the middle of the night where six people who had died, spread across centuries, comes back to life in perfect health and with no memory of their identities. A local doctor Elishia McKellar , who is called to the scene helps them out and as it turns out one of the ‘risen’ ones is the coppers wife Kate Willis who had died a few years ago. From there the story unfolds with the mysteries surrounding the ‘risen’ ones on how they lived their lives and how they died. There is of course the mystery of how they came back from being dead for centuries/years and how they were confined to the boundaries of Yoorana, Victoria (the place where the story is based out of).

Season 1 was absolute beauty in terms of binge-worthiness mostly due to the theme and the intrigue surrounding the lives of the ‘risen’ ones. The creators Tony Ayres, &  Louise Fox did an excellent job in keeping the series engaging throughout. Season 2 which came out a few days ago had too long a wait preceding and yet it turned out to be a pretty good watch and I would definitely suggest this to anybody who is into crazy unexplainable paranormal mystery/thrillers.

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