Gritty United hold on !

United @ St Mary’s

  • These are the sort of performances which would count in the end when the season meanders into end zone. There were times when United did exactly the same thing that Mou accused our opponents off this season. It was the 10 men behind the ball which won us this game rather than the plethora of attacking prowess that United possesses.
  • The MOTM performance for me came from the guy who was once called the Duncan Edwards II, by SAF, much to the ridicule of many of the fans and pundits. Today he was rock solid in defense and rarely put forward a wrong step. These sort of performance, albeit in defense, would definitely prove that SAF was not far off target after all.
  • Lukaku is slowly and steadily repaying the 75 mil that was spent by United in bringing him over from Merseyside.
  • Another player who might be getting more regular game-time would be Young. He had a very good game today and after giving equal opportunities to Darmian (he should be the RB understudy), Blind and Shaw, Mou seems to have finally settled on Young and he didn’t disappoint today.
  • Another clean sheet for DDG. He is making this a habit now and yet there occasionally when called upon he time and again proves why he is the best in the world for fans like me.

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