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Monday, July 13

Locked out Luck

There is an old Hindi Saying ‘ Dene Wala Jab Bhi Deta, Deta Chappad Phaad Ke’. It roughly means, ‘You cannot have anything in small amounts, It is all or nothing’. The following happened to me on the evening of 13.Nov.2011. Funny and unlucky in equal parts. Imagine this is you –

  1. You have had a rough day at work and are late to reach home (late by your watch).
  2. You park your vehicle at the apartment parking lot and run towards the door as u are new to the place and not so sure that it is a safe area.
  3. You finally reach your door, it is in total darkness which means your room mates aren’t home yet.
  4. You reach into your purse to take out the key. Oops, it is not there. U remember putting it in another bag the previous day.
  5. You recollect, one of your two roommates telling you in the morning that she may not be home till very late that night.
  6. You think of calling up the other roommate hoping that she is around. You have severe issues asking for help. It takes you around 15 minutes to get around to calling her.
  7. You are lucky, she is in the neighborhood. She is cranky but comes by, lets you in and goes back.
  8. You open the door cursing yourself for your stupidity, when you see the other room-mate who was supposed to be late, sitting in the darkness,speaking away on the phone.
  9. She looks at you, says – “hey, I saw you outside the window 30min ago.  I did not call out to you as you seemed preoccupied. What took you so long to get inside the apartment?”

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