Manchester United vs West Ham United (Nov27,2016) – Two Cents

<A united fan writing from a United POV, so feel free to call it biased.>

Talking points from my POV.

  • The Mou effect: This is one ‘Mou effect’ that every United fan would have preferred to skip. Some of the refereeing decisions over the past few weeks against United have been appalling !
  • Randolf seemed to have pulled out the rabbit out of the hat with a string of out-of-the-world saves. The visiting GK’s efforts at OT this season reminded me of what DDG had been doing for us over the past few years.
  • United is definitely moving in the right direction in terms of the quality of football. The number of chances created and quality of possession have improved a lot and yet United continue to be vulnerable on the break.
  • Pogba has slowly but steady upped his game for United. He is worth somewhere in the region of 40 mil right now 😉
  • The United boy Fletcher had a decent outing and had almost fulfilled the stuff of his dreams by scoring in front of the OT crowd. Could he be another ‘Pogback’ in the making ?
  • These are the sort of matches we should win. All the possession, quality, gameplay, all lead to nothing if we cannot score when it matters !


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