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Wednesday, June 3

Messages for Love\Love for Messages

Girl  : You never send me messages.
Guy : Why would I send messages when I can talk to you?
Girl  : But messages are so nice. I can read them anytime I want.
Guy : Well.. You can call me whenever you want.
Girl : You just do not understand. When you cannot even do such simple things for me, how can you profess that you love me ?
Guy : Whaaat? How did you reach that conclusion. Most of the times, I am either with you or talking to you. You want me to message you as well ?

Girl  : *waterworks begin* . I knew you do not love me. Its only I who love you. How stupid of me.
Guy : What is wrong with you girls ? Do you even have a logic anywhere in your assumptions ?
Girl : No.. They say that True Love always finds a way. If you had loved me you would have found a way to message. You would have at least used a scheduler.
Guy : A scheduler ? You want messages from a scheduler ? Listen to yourself ..!!!

Girl : It doesn’t matter how or what. I want messages when I see my cell phone and they should be from you. It makes me feel so happy.
Guy : Alright. Don’t you dare complain later…Girls these days…And JAI_1611edited_Sam_61Messagesfor a minute there, I really thought you would be different from the others… Let me see what I can do..

Girl : really ? You will send me messages. You are such a wonderful person. *etc etc..
Guy : *etc etc

PS: Yesterday afternoon I was in a meeting for an hour. Post the meeting- I had 60 messages. The same message scheduled to be sent every 1 minutes..!!! What can I say , I asked for it !!

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