Mindhunter | Netflix | One of the best takes on the mind of a Serial Killer.

Netflix, has taken it upon itself to be the undisputed pioneers when it comes to certain genres and they continue the good work in churning out interesting stuff . Mindhunter is definitely not everybody’s cup of tea and is of the slow burner type which grows into you as the season progresses. It’s intelligent, well scripted, engaging and probably as close to the truth as there ever would be, without resorting to mind-numbing gory images that we usually associate with this genre. Mindhunter follows the journey of two FBI agents Ford & Tench in the 1970’s as they delve into psychology behind ‘Series killers’ and how they ended up being who they are and in effect shed light into how their minds work.

I was a bit slow to latch on to the Mindhunter mania ( a friend suggested that i should), as I had just finished binge watching a couple of series which I assumed to be similar (The Investigator: A British Crime Story & Manhunt: Unabomber) but boy I was wrong. Jonathan Groff as Holden Ford is the backbone of the series and rightly so ! His performance does put into shade some other really convincing performances from Holt McCallanyHannah Gross and Anna Torv.  Cameron Britton as Edmund Kemper does get under your skin as one of the several ‘Series Killers’ (yeah this was the time before it was known as Serial Killing) interviewed by Ford and Tench. 

There was a time during the series when I could not really judge whether Ford had indeed crossed that thin line which makes him closer to the people he was interviewing than the people whom he worked with. There was an subtle subplot involving an ADT serviceman which sets the canvas ready for painting for Season 2.

In short, I would recommend this if you are into psychological thrillers of the slow variety and if you are willing to let your mind tampered with. It’s not something you might enjoy in short spurts of viewing over time and would be best watched over a couple of days. I would rate it a 8/10 overall.


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