Manchester United vs Arsenal (Nov19,2016) – Two Cents

A united fan writing from a United POV, so feel free to call it biased. The talking points for me were:

  • United played as if the international break was never ever there in the first place, however the same cannot be said about Arsenal. They had 11 bodies on the field and yet it seemed like some of them were not yet present there.
  • The bromance between Mata and Herrera off the field has blossomed into a near telepathic connection on the field. The yin of the rugged, workhorse of a player that Herrera is, is perfectly complemented by the silky yang of Mata.
  • The first half shout for a penalty should have been given. Valencia could have put in a bit more effort to stay on his feet however Monreal was outrun and he was in air, with arms across Valencia when he brought him down!
  • This pragmatic approach of somehow churning out a result from an otherwise poor outing could bode well for Arsenal in the long run. This used to one of United’s trademarks !
  • United, should be winning these matches. If we cannot win it when we play well, we are in deeper trouble than what the points table suggests !

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