My Daddy Strongest

My college had this strange habit of sending scorecards home. They insisted that parents of the ward should visit the campus and talk to the professors, if their ward had low scores. This is the memory of one such time when my scorecard was sent home.

My mom knew I was into extracurricular stuff going around my college and  that these things never left me with enough time to study. We had an agreement that as long as I scored well in my Finals, she should not ask me about the scorecards of the internals. This arrangement worked for us and saved both of us a lot of headache. It was the third time that my scorecard was sent home, I expected my mom to see my scorecard and throw it away with the garbage as usual.

As my luck would have it, my dad got to the letter first and all I know is what my mom told me “Your dad refuses to listen to me. He is angry and says he will come to the college. It is between you and your dad now. Do not get me into your mess”. I did not get a chance to speak to my dad over the phone before he left for my college. I am not sure many of you would understand, but I respect my dad a lot. When I say a lot, I mean – according to me, disappointing my dad would be the biggest crime that I could ever commit. If I were to cause him pain or make him angry, it would mean I have failed him.

Two days later, Dad reached my campus and called me “where are u.? I am at ur campus”. I went to meet him, dejection clawing away at my heart. My friends wished me all the luck in the world as they had seen the worry eat me up from the past couple of days.

And then I saw my dad and tried to explain “Dad, Please try to listen, I can explain the marks”. He laughed, gave me a hug and said “Today I am proud to call you my daughter. These marks prove to me that you have a taken after your dad a little bit too. Tell me if any of the lecturers mess with you. I can fix them you know?” He said the last sentence with a wink. You can imagine my reaction. I was grinning like a fool the entire day, come to think of it, I still am grinning !


My daddy Strongest is a tagline from an old Indian Commercial for Cooking Oil. You can watch it here


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