Netflix Original | The Forest | La forêt | A french thriller circled around a beautiful village.

When a 16 year old school student Jennifer goes missing, Captain Gasper Decker (Samuel Labartheand  his team goes about investigating. All that they have as lead is the phone call received by the ever mysterious french teacher Eva Mendel (Alexia Barlier) right before the girls disappearance.  The series is entirely in french, but was riveting enough for me to ignore that fact.  It comes with the usual share of mystery, lies and thrill. 

The 6 episode series starts pretty strongly with the first two episodes moving the story along at a brisk pace. All the characters are introduced and some of the prime suspects are introduced and nullified in quick succession. The story takes a turn when the missing child ends up dead and that is followed by two more girls going missing. The story, as the title says centers around a forest in the outskirts of the village where there had been instances of kids gone missing decades ago.

The series however loses its pace as quickly as it had gained it and the next couple of episodes were slow and meandering aimlessly until it gains momentum yet again to end pretty strongly in the 5th and 6th. The makers did close out most of the loopholes surrounding the narrative and some of the ‘surprise elements’ were quite guessable.

This limited mini-series is yet another super catch by Netflix and it pretty much holds its own among other Netflix bigwigs like Dark, The Five, Broadchurch et all, for most of it. The character development, the cast, the locations and bgm were all top notch and thoroughly enjoyable even though i did not understand a word of what was said. I would suggest it for anybody who is into the Netflix genre of mystery series.

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