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Tuesday, July 7

Newcastle at United | Pogba returns, Martial and Rasford impresses.

Today’s result was as routine as any before the match at Anfield and we all know from what has happened throughout this season, an international break can make or break momentum. All you need to do is ask United or more recently Arsenal or Spurs. The match did expose that one vital cog United was missing on, one Mr Paul Pogba – the swag is back. The MOTM for me was Marcus Rashford for the two very incisive, selfless moments. My thoughts on the match and the rest of the match day can be summarized as below:

  • There is still life left in Arsenal. It was a deserving win against a team who were on upward trajectory.
  • The return of Pogba has brought back the expected swagger back to the United side. Say what you may, but the ease at which he controls the pace of the game gives a boost to every single one of those United players. Now the wait is on for a similar performance against one of the bigger teams.
  • Martial and Rashford can start together and both of them have their own way of influencing the game. The way Martial lures in 3 defenders every time he has the ball at his feet is proof of respect the he garners from his fellow professionals. Rashford at the same time works so tirelessly for the team and times can be so frustrating.
  • First goal conceded at OT, Zlatan returns and Lukaku ending goal drought being the other highlights.
  • It’s not often that a traveling team comes in with an intention to play attacking football. Credit to the Magpies there and there will be other teams who would come in and try block United out and that would be when we can really gauge the attacking intent of the team.

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