Reasons I do not Want Kids

I am currently 30 and in a very happy place with my husband of 3 years (whom I dated for 3 years before that). At this point in my life, I am 100% sure that I do not want kids now or in the future. Should this ever change, as everyone keeps telling me that it will, I shall be sure to write a blog about what changed my mind. Read on, bearing in mind that these are my personal reasons and women in general have a broad spectrum of reasons for not wanting kids.

  1. I will not give up my sleep schedule: Unless I am visiting a new country or a place, there is nothing that would make me give up my 8hr\day uninterrupted sleep schedule. (The only exception to this rule is my Better Half. Ain’t nothing in this world that I won’t give up for him.)
  1. I cannot be bothered about Healthy Lifestyle choices for another human being: I am not a person prone to making healthy lifestyle choices and being responsible for another human being is not something that I wish to take upon myself.
  1. I am a very impulsive person. I have no business having a kid if I cannot stay back after work to hang out with friends without having to worry about a sitter. I also don’t feel like saying my goodbyes to the overnight NYC trips hanging out in Time Square till 5am. (I always make sure that I get my 8Hr\day sleep the next day)
  1. I love my relationship currently and my ‘Me-Time’. I do not wish to add another unknown variable to a balanced equation. I have been told, that having a kid makes it healthier for the relationship. But that is not a gamble I wish to take, seeing as there is no coming back from that. Also, I am not sure how a needy human being would be good for my relationship with my husband. I also enjoy a lot of me-time and am not ready to give it up.
  1. I love travelling: Anyone who has flown with kids will know what I mean. I have seen even the nicest of kids turn evil when it comes to travel. I don’t need any such disruptions in my otherwise peaceful life. I still have a lot of travelling to do (my bucket list is almost 75% places to visit rather than things-to-do).
  1. I would rather be an amazing aunt than a strict mom. I love kids when they are happy and playful. I wish to be the fun aunt who buys them candies and stuff that their parents won’t let them. (I do have a couple of lovely nieces who can vouch for me being a good aunt). I would rather not be involved in the emotional aspects of a child’s upbringing.
  1. I have always known that I don’t want kids. The above reasons are me trying to rationalize why I do not want kids. Maybe it was growing up with too many hours on Discovery Channel \ Nat Geo Channel. Maybe it’s the population explosion that is threatening our species. Maybe it’s the number of starving kids out there. Maybe it’s the orphanages that I visited. I do not know what the reason is. But I do know that I would be very selfish for wanting a baby of my own when there are so many kids out there who could gladly use a hand.

I respect the women who make a decision to have kids and their lifestyle choices. I have a lot of friends who have not had a vacation in many years, who have zero free time, who haven’t had a good night’s sleep in over 3 years, who think that an uneventful trip to the local Harris Teeter is celebration worthy. But they truly believe that it is all worth it and I respect their decision and their happiness. But just as they will not change their mind about having kids, I am sure I will not change my mind about not having kids.


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