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Monday, July 13

Slow, pedestrian and lacking ideas.

Oct 21, United at Huddersfield Town FC.

  • Injuries are part and parcel of the game and we have seen teams manage it better than how United is handling it right now. There is a terrible lack of ideas when a player who is supposed to be an integral part of the team goes off. Today, the Jones injury was the turning point.
  • Although the injury did play a vital part, United were still not in the game prior to that. There was not anything meaningful till the last 15 minutes of the game.
  • Martial and Mata were out of sorts from the word go and up front there was never anything to suggest that United were threatening. I cannot even say that Huddersfield played out their hearts as they didn’t have to !
  • The last second block off Smalling (of all the people) summed up the day for United.
  • If todays match proved anything, it was the importance of Pogba, Fellaini and the defensive duo of Jones/Bailly in the team. Today should have been the day Martial announced his credentials ahead of Rashford but honestly he didn’t even show the desire to have a go at it !


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