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Saturday, September 19

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Justice League: Must Watch! 4.5/5

NO SPOILERS ! I did not expect much from this movie and nor did I read any reviews before taking my seat. All I had to go on were the trailers. I was expecting another dark movie but I was determined to sit through it. But what followed was a pleasant surprise - my Christmas came early this year. Let me give my opinions of the characters first Flash: The arrogance of youth and the on-your-face humor are balanced in perfection. I have never liked flash before, Ezra Miller might have just changed my mind. Aquaman: His arrogance at being invincible was a joy to the eyes. Jason Momoa is here to stay. He has some drool worthy scenes sans his shirt. I am looking forward to his origins story as I don't have a lot of back ground on his character and do not want to ruin any surprise by...