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Saturday, September 19

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A Hairy Tale Indeed

A Hairy Tale Indeed

I am not a vain woman but I do have some weird tendencies that might make me seem like one. I would never share this story were it not for a friend who said that the trait is not unique to me and his wife possesses a similar tendency. With just a few discrete inquiries, I found out that several of my friends (or their wives) share this trait. So here goes nothing… Whenever I get my eyebrows shaped, I expect my husband to notice and compliment me (however undeserving the situation be).  Almost every time, he doesn’t notice. So, I get offended that the love of my life does not take an interest in my appearance. He says it is trivial enough not to matter on the grand scheme of things. Things usually go downhill from there. I would never in a million years have expected this to backfire ...