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Saturday, September 19

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Cook vs Eat – The Biryani Blunder

Cook vs Eat – The Biryani Blunder

This was a weekday sometime last month, out of the blue – I wanted to cook Biryani (Indian Rice Pilaf or something similar). It is a dish that my husband loves(though not necessarily the veg version). So, I mentally devised a plan where in I would try and make my husband ask me to cook biryani. That way, I figured I could use the guilt points to my benefit some other day. How it transpired in my mind: Me: I feel like eating Biryani. J: Why don’t you cook some? Me: Sure. If you say so but you do know the amount of work that is involved…blah blah. How it transpired: Me: I feel like eating Biryani. J: Let me take you out for dinner tonight. You pick the restaurant. Me: What!!??!! He couldn’t stop laughing after I confessed my plans to score some brownie points by...