Thursday, May 28

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Cargo | Netflix | The Martin Freeman Starrer Australian Zombie movie fails to impress.

The Martin Freeman starer, Cargo fails to set itself aloof from the 101 million other Zombie movies that the world has seen till now. The movie is set in South Australia where a plague has ravaged the human population and left most of the places littered with Zombies and hence uninhabitable. It's the quest of the father Andy (played by Martin Freeman) to protect his infant child from the zombies and get her to safety. Cargo has high production value and the South Australian scenic beauty captured at its best. The characters, although very few, were all perfect in their roles. Even with all that it was at best short film material that was stretched way beyond necessary to make a film out of it. It's watchable and yet falls well short of expectations. Go for it, if you have nothing el...