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Saturday, September 19

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Dark | Netflix Original | Spine-tingling, gripping and one of the best takes on Time Warp.

If Netflix ever were a Football Club, they would easily annihilate every single one of their opponents and would owe that all to their ridiculously good scouting network. The gems they unearth and produce around the globe is truly awe inspiring. It was only logical that I followed up Bright with Dark. ;) Dark , for me, is the best ever mystery series to deal with time warp and the paranormal/supernatural. It obviously has to be if you end up binge-watching a series till 6 in the morning. Yet, the Season conclusion left me with more questions than answers (I hate it when the makers do that). We would have probably paused a hundred times in between all that to discuss and digest what we had just seen. Blink and you miss something significant. The series begins with the Einstein quote ...