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Thursday, July 2

Tag: Home Ownership

Home Buying : The drama, dilemma and true costs.
Money Matters

Home Buying : The drama, dilemma and true costs.

We are a DINK (Dual Income No Kids) couple on work visas in the USA. Within this amazing country, we have moved for our jobs, we have moved to be with each other and we have moved for the weather. For the past 3 years though – we have lived in the same apartment that is 1 mile down the road from our place-of-work and we have adopted a beautiful dog. One could say that we are enjoying our lives. Being that we are finance conscious, our friends (home-owners) have repeatedly asked us about our intentions on home buying. The thought does have its merits – after all who doesn’t like the idea of pride of ownership, the idea of putting your stamp on a place, the idea of a white kitchen with a large island, the idea that our fur baby will have an entire backyard to run around, the idea of ...