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Thursday, July 2

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Those Miscellaneous Home owner Expenses
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Those Miscellaneous Home owner Expenses

The other day, I ran into my colleague at work who was dejected that he did not know pest control charges on his new home was 500$. He had closed on his new home just the week before and I just did not have the heart to point out the other expenses heading his way. We have also run into a lot of folks who think that just because they can afford to stay in an apartment where monthly Rent = 1500$, it means that they can afford a Mortgage of 1500$ per month. When we did the research for our buy vs rent scenario, we came up with so many other costs associated with home ownership that it blew our minds. Below are some of the annual costs that we came across: Charge TypeAnnual Cost ($)Mortgage Insurance1200Property Tax4000Home Insurance1000Utilities3000HOA660Pest control500Yard Care350Was...