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Thursday, July 2

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Dumb Owner, Smart Dog
Humor, Loki Tales

Dumb Owner, Smart Dog

The smart one ! Anyone who knows me, knows that if you bring up the topic of my dog, you have to be prepared to be bored to death as I am going to recite every interesting(as defined by me) thing about my puppy. That being said – this article is going to be super challenging as I have to struggle against making this a thesis. This is the story of how I figured out that my dog is not as dumb as I think he is… and how I am not as smart as I think I am. Background: We have a 70lbs (30kgs) Rescue pup named Loki who was 4 years old when we got him. At the time – he was super drugged up due to kennel anxiety and had been diagnosed with aggressiveness towards other animals. His history says that he was found starved and had suspicious wounds on his head. Since we got him, he is drug fr...