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Saturday, September 19

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Past comes knocking

Past comes knocking

As a middle aged white American male, I had it all. A wife, a white picket fence, 2 kids and a dog - the perfect American life. All this changed sometime back. As the inevitability of my mortality dawned on me, the skeletons and emotions that I had kept hidden successfully for decades started to haunt me. The traumas of childhood, that we men are expected to ignore, came back to torment me. The pledges of childhood, once forgotten now consumed me in a fashion I cannot describe. As empty-nesters, my personal ghosts ended up affecting my wife who had no other outlet. This continued until she could not take it anymore and left me for someone far younger. Mid Life Crisis. Such a simple phrase that sums up such a vast array of problems. Even during the troubling times, I knew that th...