Thursday, May 28

The Five, definitely binge worthy !

Netflix continues to spoil fans of mystery drama with more of the same awesomeness that we saw in  some of the Netflix originals like Stranger Things, Glitch, HOC, Black Mirror, Sense 8, Ozark et all albeit this time with a hit British series, The Five.
Without going into the spoilers, this mystery thriller starts 20 odd years ago with the disappearance of a young boy and follows into the present where it surrounds the lives of the 4 individuals  (kids then), who were present that day with the kid. All hell breaks loose, when the DNA of the kid mysteriously presents itself in the scene of a murder and the four friends who were leading distraught lives in separate locations reunite to get to the root of it all. Harlan Coben succeeds in keeping us interested throughout with enough drama, mystery and thrill. The cast does justice to the entire act and so does the background score. 
This one is for the binge-watching list !  4/5 from my side.

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