Wednesday, May 27

The Mist | Netflix | One of the better Stephen King Adaptations for Mini Screen

The Mist turned out to be one of the better Stephen King Adaptations from the numerous torturous ones out there, that is only if you can survive the really boring couple of episodes in between and the obnoxious ending. The series revolves around a small town which gets engulfed in a mist that results in strange and mysterious things which often end up with people getting killed.

As always is the case in such series there is a central family comprising of the parents and a kid where the father defies all odds to protect his family. Then there are set of people who start the season as ‘good people’ and remain so till the adverse conditions bring out the darker shades in them. The way the season ended left many open ends and pretty much shouted out that ‘Season 2 is definitely on the way’. I wouldn’t hold my breath though and would most probably skip Season 2 (Update: No season 2 as the makers too had enough).

The performances by the cast was pretty average to be honest and the central theme which had so much of potential sort of fizzed out to nothing in the end because of the makers insisting on stretching it out for a few extra episodes and keeping it open for the next season. 1922 , Gerald’s Game & The Dark Tower being the most recent Stephen King adaptations, this did not disappoint much as the expectation was rock bottom and the train rides are too boring otherwise. 2/5 from my side for the premise and build up and the rest all went up in mist 😉


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