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Monday, July 13

The wall at Liberty breached !

United @ Swansea, August 19th, 2 Cents.

  • Everything was just like old times, United were up against an inspired team, who to their credit pulled up their socks and got on with their business just hours after selling off their main man to a record transfer. The high pressing with which they started the match was more than an inconvenience to United and if it were any of the last three seasons would have been good enough to leave United in a frustrated heap. For United, when your manager names the same staring 11 for a second match, you did tick a lot of those story points in the first match and United just shifted the gears into the second half.
  • This United team is built around two individuals –  Pogba and Rashford and it’s high time both of them realize that and get done with the antics that poor temperament brings to their game. They simply cannot go around moaning and rush into rash tackles just because a couple of decisions didn’t go their way. They need to realize that the team relies on them and just shrug it off and get on with the game.
  • It has just been 2 games into the season and yet the impact that the Matic signing made is already pretty evident. He is the primary reason why most of the match was played in the Swansea half.
  • The set-piece defending from United’s perspective left a lot to be desired. Matic, Bailly and Blind were left rooted to the ground while trying to clear the ball and this was probably one of those areas which would need some work as we work our way towards stronger teams.
  • Martial has more than laid forward his credentials and absolutely deserves a nod in the starting 11 from Mou. His arrival just changed the complexion of the game when meaningful ball possession was converted to more meaningful numbers on the scorecard.

The way this United team slowly ground down a resilient Swans and then switched on to overdrive after the 80th minute was like beautiful classical quickly getting replaced by heavy metal. Matic (8), Lukaku (8), Mikki (9), Pogba (7), Martial (9), Bailly & Jones (8 each) had a brilliant game whereas Mata, De Gea (not at all his fault) and Valencia had one of the quiter games.

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