West-Hammered, United off the a flyer ! [United vs West Ham, Aug 13]

2 Cents, Aug 13th 2017.

  • The most striking difference from the whole of last season is the attitude. The work-rate put in by the trio Matic, Rashford and Mikki were something which we did not see that often last season.
  • Lukaku is going to bang in the goals for us against the mid-table teams. There were a lot of his first touches that left a lot to be desired. The two goals though were of supreme quality.
  • Rashford was my main man today. He was direct, industrious, always available and making those runs down the channel. Mikki and Rashford did well in occasionally interchanging flanks and making life difficult for the wing backs.
  • West Ham as a team were pretty poor today and in no way were they helped by the list of injuries they have. Zabaleta and Arnautović were very good throughout and as the season progresses we can expect them to put on a better show. 
  • How on earth did we get hold of Matic? As was the case during the mid-week super cup against Real, Matic was rock solid in the center of the pitch for United. He was there to retrieve and reinvest the ball into the final third every single time West Ham got hold of the ball.
  • United has laid down the marker for the season with a superlative performance and the scoreline should in no way be flattering for United. Pogba, Matic, Rashford and Lukaku my star players for the game !

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