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Wednesday, June 3

West Hammered ! United off to a flyer !

Manchester United 4 vs West Ham, Aug 13th, 2 Cents:

  • The urgency, the flair and the dominance has sneaked a peek for the first time in so many years. United dominated with the performance of the weekend.
  • Mikki, Matic, Pogba and Rashford were there closing down every time WestHam got a touch on the ball. The urgency was there to be seen and for the first time in a long time we did not take the foot off the pedal after scoring.
  • Rashford is my main man. He was there available, making the runs. getting back to defend and going at it direct at the West Ham defenders. He made the space available for Lukaku to cap of a wonderful OT debut.
  • Mikki seems to have gotten his swagger back. The way he waltz past defenders is such a joy to watch and one player of whom i expect a lot this season.
  • How on earth did we get hold of Matic? One upgrade in the middle of the park and the rest in front got upgraded automatically ! He was there foiling every single counter attack by West Ham and was instrumental in the flair-rich show put up by Pogba in the midfield.

Yes, this is just day 1 of the season but the show is on and what a display it was. It was a marker laid down in the boldest of fashion. I am so damn excited about the new season. GGMU.


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