Where is the Data !?!

A phone conference between the IT Teams of two companies undergoing a merger and are expected to share some data.

A: We have given the list of all the data that we require. Where do we stand on that?
B: We have analyzed all the requirements and we will provide you with 80% of the data. However we are working on locating the remaining 20%.

Two Weeks Later –

A: Where do you stand on the 20% of the data? Have you been able to locate the data in your system?
B: I am sorry. We do not capture this information. So there is no point in us trying to locate this information in our systems.
A: Excuse me. Are you telling me that you do not have this data?
B: Yes, exactly. We do not have this data with us.
A: Well, that is surprising to hear as we have a guy here with us who was an employee at your company and he says that he used to look at this data every day!!!

Imagine being at receiving end of that when your Boss and the Legal department is in the same call!

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